Sermon for the week: Believers and The World by Pastor Lawore Abimbola

February 06, 2017

Believers and The World.Matt 5:3-16, Mark 9:50 & Luke 14: 34-35

In Matt 5:3-12, Jesus gave us some attributes we should have as believers which must distinguish us from the rest of the world and guarantee us a place in God's kingdom
- We must be poor in spirit meaning insufficient spiritually to become totally dependent on God
- Humility not humiliation meaning that we should never play god or raise ourselves above God in anyone's life. It is also means meekness or gentility
- Must seek righteousness meaning our desire must be solely to please God. We must be God pleasers and not men pleasers.
- We must be merciful and not vengeful. Shun the desire to get even when s
omeone offends us.
- We must be pure in heart. This means never thing evil of anyone or conceive evil. Don't give wickedness any chance.
- We must be peacemakers not one who loves to stair up trouble.
- We must learn to endure persecution because of our faith and principles.

You will agree with me that all these attributes are what we need in the world today. It was only after Jesus spoke about these attributes that he reminded us that we are salt and light of the world. Why did Jesus refer to believers as salt and light? The uses of these substances will give us an idea of who we are:

- Salt is used as seasoning: Salt is supposed to enhance the flavor of food not sweeten it. Why did Jesus say we are salt and not sugar. At least sugar taste better. Unlike sugar, which covers the bitterness of something, salt enhances the quality or otherwise of that thing. This means that we are suppose to bring out the best in others. We are supposed to build others up and not cover them like sugar. When something is bitter adding salt makes it more bitter. Meaning that our relationship with the world will expose the evil in the world and not sugar coat it to make it presentable.

- Salt is also a preservative: Salt as a preservative is supposed to prevent decay, decomposition and sustain freshness and taste. This means we are supposed to lay good examples that should keep our society from decay. In other words if Christians do why they are supposed to, the decadence in this world will be minimal.


- Light is used for vision: The presence of light helps us to see. As Christians, the world is supposed to see God through us and expose the devil for who he really is. The presence of light dispels all darkness and as such the Devil and his agents are supposed to be on the run. Our good works is supposed to draw all men to God. We are supposed to expose the devil and his minions. Where there is light, agent of darkness cannot operate.

- Light beautifies: We can never appreciate any thing in the dark. When light shine on any object the beauty is revealed and appreciated. As Christians, we are supposed to bring beauty to the world and let people discover who they really are in God's sight. The Devil has blinded the eyes of many and lied to them over the years about who they are and how much God loves them but if we believers can show them through the scriptures and our lives who God created them to be and how much God loves them, there will be hope for this dying world. The presence of light is a renewal of hope.

Food For Thought:
If we truly are Salt and Light why is the world the way it is today? Are there no believers in the world today?

We should not wait to light of the whole world, if every tiny light shines in its own little corner of the world, before long the whole world will be well lite.

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