June 14, 2017


KEY VERSE : Thou prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies; thou anointest my head with oil, my cup overflows.  Psalms 23 vs 5.

BIBLE READING: Num. 23 vs 7 - 11.

God defends the course of the righteous, He fights for His own and because of His omnipresence, victory is assured.

According to our Bible reading, king balak heard about the victories of the Israelites, their strengths and vast numbers. These made him hire a prophet to come pronounce a curse upon them and denounce them. But whom the Lord has blessed, no man can curse. 

God cannot be bribed, He is not mocked and He is not a respecter of persons.

The children of Israel were not aware of king balak's evil intentions, but right in the midst of the conspiracy, God was present and He turned the tide around in favour of the Israelites.

Beloved brethren! because you're a child of God, even the most dangerous plots of your enemies would work in your favour.
You don't even need to be there or be aware of their evil schemes, right there in the presence of your enemies the Lord will establish you and cause you to flourish. (Ps. 23 vs 5).

Prophet balaam was killed because he taught king balak how to lure the children of Israel to sin against their God. This was the same prophet who pronounced God's blessing upon them.

The arms of flesh will fail. But God can never fail neither will He abandon you. So don't  give room for fear at all....  The size and strengths of your enemies doesn't matter. God has you covered, you are secured in Him.
God calls you the Apple of His eye.(Zech. 2 vs 8). You are very important and special. Live in this conciousness!!!!!!!

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