June 14, 2017


KEY VERSE : A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. (Proverbs 18 : 16). 


"Character is said to be the stable and distinctive qualities built into an individuals life which determines his or her response regardless of the circumstances".
Your character is what defines you as a person and it can either make or mar you.

A man's gift will make room for him at the top, but character will either sustain him there or bring him down.

Let us consider the life of queen Vashti.

According to the Midrash, Queen Vashti was the great grand daughter of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and the daughter of King Belshazzar, making her a Babylonian. 
By all noble standards, Vashti was qualified to be the queen of Persia. She was also a very beautiful woman. But all these qualities could not sustain her position as queen.

Character is a virtue, it will help in preserving doors which the Lord has secured for you at the top.
Queen vashti was full of pride and as a result, she lost her position and title to a young lady with no historical aristocratic background, but had the favour of God upon her life and was of a good character.

To make it to the top in life and to remain on top, you'll need more than just skills, talent, ability, strength, etc. You will need to possess a good and stable character. 

God expects that we be stable and fixed on Him, just like a statue. A statue does not shake or react to situations, it remains fixed on a spot and immovable. 
If you are on the Lord's side, then you need to take a stand for Him and be stable in Him. A part of you cannot be longing for God and the other part still longing for the world.
Be stable in the faith, be a person of integrity and keep on investing in your character in order to become a better person each day.

Be of good character always, it helps a lot and it is pleasing to God.

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