Power for multipication

January 21, 2018

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Power for multiplication 

Matthew 4:13-21

We are in the season of manifestation of the incomparable great power.This power is manifested in diverse ways and one of such is the power for multiplication.

The widow of Zarephath had the last meal but upon encounter with a man of God who carried the power multiplication, the remaining  little became multiplied (2Kings 17:12-16). Also, the widow of a prophet in Elisha's day with little oil had encounter with God of multiplication and the little oil filled so many empty jars available (2Kings4:1-7).

How on earth could five loaves of bread and two fish be a launch for five thousand people? Only the power of multiplication could make this happen. That's the power that Jesus exerted to make do this miracle it is available unto us toady.

you as a carrier of the incomparable great power can command multiplication on the little money in your hand to increase and so will it be. That little idea can feed nations if you will exert such power on it. Go this week and manifest the power of multiplication.


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