The Altar call

January 31, 2018

The Altar call

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This is not what you are used to hearing and you cannot fully understand what I’m saying until you've actually experienced it first hand in your life.
I used to believe that alter calls frequently carried out in churches were just a witty way for bible teachers to play on people’s guilt, threaten you with the fear of hell and get you to come out to the front of the church trailed by condemning eyes; you repeat some rehearsed sentences the preacher recites, you say amen to a short prayer, an usher takes you outside through a side door for extra evangelism afterwards and you’re done!
Till I learnt that I was wrong.

See, most people are born again more because they fear the afterlife damnation to hell than actually understanding what it actually means to be saved. But if you go through life that way; walking on eggshells so you can peacefully secure your place in heaven, then you can be no more than a seat filler in the kingdom of Christ.

You see, it is only logical that when you identify something you like; be it a commodity, a product, a service or (as in this case) a way of life and you make up your mind that you truly want to be a part of what is going on,it is only right you listen to someone who already knows more about it than you do, you make your intentions of being a part ofthis life known to the person and the person gets you started byintroducing you to the highest authority you can possibly meet and talk to about it.

That is basically what the alter call does for any new believer.
An unbeliever realizes he has been missing out on a wonderful way of life for a very long time. By fate, he gets to hear a wonderful exhortation that leaves him in awe and unrest about his current way of life.An alter callis made, which urges him to stand up from his seat and take action.

You get to walk to the front where you’re taught your very first meaningful prayer as you begin a new life in Christ.

There are so many things that happen during these few minutes of transformation:

1. You are asked (most times) to get up and walk all the way to the alter; passing a lot of people; friends and strangers alike (with some looking at you even if they were probably asked to close their eyes)

From this situation, you experience two things:

- Resolve: After making the decision within you that you are no more comfortable living the way you have been living for a long time and you acknowledge the fact that your deliverance starts from this alter call,take immediate action to support this decisionby standing up and walking down to the alter to A receive your salvation.
Actions speak louder than words and twice as loudas your thoughts. So to prove to yourself that you know what you want, you get up and you go after it.

2. Courage: you wont believe the ridiculous amount of souls that have lost out on a wonderful life with Christ just because of this irrelevant thought process;

“What will people say about meif they see me going outside?” 

It is so sad to see peoplestay glued to their seats and refuse salvation because they don’t want people (who don’t even matter) seethem admit that they are sinners!.
Then again I think this hurdle is the most important.
Matt 10:33 says, but whoever denies me before men, I will also deny before my father in heaven.
So it is very necessary for the world to see those who belong toChrist stand up and walk the plank for him.And by all means you should do it boldly too!.

“Come boldly to the throne of grace that you may obtain mercy”. (Hebrews 4:16)

A simple definition of a Christian is someone who despite seeing the world movingin a universal direction towards destruction decides to stop going with the flow, get up out of the filth and begin to move the other way.

(Proverbs 14:12, Proverbs 16: 25, Matthew 7:13)

Surely, the unusual change of current will be noticed So, you will be noticed my friend, there is no escaping that if you’re going to be a Christian.

Matthew 5:14 already prepares us for that.
After going through all these, you get to the front and you are taught your very first prayer.
“Dear God, I accept that I'm a sinner, I have heard you word and I have come to believe that you died to pay for my sins and to save me. I bring the burden and guilt of my sins to your feet today and ask that you wash me cleanas I being a new life with you”.
That's basically it. The alter call is about admitting your imperfections in from of witnesses and fully resolving to learn all it takes to live a Christ-like life henceforth as dictated by the word.

The witnesses you stand before are usually made up of three types of people.
1. People that are angry that you’ve decided to become a better person (which implies they now have to watch the kind if things they say to you).
2. People that don’t even understand what is going on at the moment (you will recognize them easily; they always look as clueless as a gold fish)


3. A special breed of peoplethat rejoice at the fact that another soul has been won to the kingdom of heaven and are anxious to support you in anyway they can onyour new journey in Christ.
Number 3.. Those are the kind of people you want to know.

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