Called to lead

February 28, 2018
Called to lead

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What is leadership?” It is, above all, service. A leader is a servant of the people. This is the teaching of Jesus Christ. How do you become a leader by serving? Simple, you have to serve
something to the world. What do you serve? You serve your gift. When you find your gift and you serve it to the world, you become great. Jesus said greatness happens to you while you are serving your gift and because you are serving yourself to the world. Having others serve you does not makes you great. Leadership has more to do with releasing yourself and deploying yourself, rather than employing people.
Whatever your gift in life is, it is not for you to keep; it is for you to give to the world. God gave it to you. Pass it on. Leadership is serving your gift at every opportunity. Leadership is
serving yourself to the world. Servant leadership is self distribution to your generation.
It is not that we do not have people occupying offices of leadership in our world. We have many leaders today but, sadly, not much leadership. We have leaders in social ,religious,political, and
other arenas, but what kind of world have all these leaders and their predecessors produced?

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