February 11, 2018
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But Jesus often withdraw to lonely places and prayed.  Luke
Every man is the leader of his home - the pastor, seer, the prophet etc. Just as Jesus is the head of the church, so is the man the head of the family. He is not meant to just be at the fore in providing for the home, he should be at the fore in everything including prayer and discipline. although our culture makes us think that the child that is good belongs to the father, one that follows the wrong path is for the mother, before God, the man takes responsibility for whatever happens to is home. That's why God dealt first with Adam even though Eve led the first rebellion on earth.
A man that will succeed in this herculean task will make use of one great tool - prayer. Jesus laid this example for us. As a leader/husband of the church, while on earth, he would withdraw to quiet place to pray. No wonder he succeeded in His ministry. He also prayed for the disciples and for us who would later believe (john 17:6-26). He also ensured He taught them how to pray. And now, He is at the right hand of God in heaven still prayer for us the church (Romans 8:34).
Can you learn from the Lord Jesus today and work on your prayer life? Jesus did pray to succeed and also that His disciples would bring to God. Can you see that His prayers were answered? Do you notice the progression of continuous success of Christianity despite challenges facing it? Generations coming after you can feel the impact of your prayer life and bless you for it if you will place of prayer to hijack the lives of their wife and children from the devouter? Will you join the league of men who bend their knees daily to claim nations for Christ? Will you be a man to be remembered for labouring so much on his knee?

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