You need the power of revelation

February 04, 2018

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You need the power of revelation 

Eph. 1:17

While growing up, my father used to say, "What you don't know is superior to you and you cannot operate beyond the level of your knowledge." Knowledge that comes as a result of study is necessary but the knowledge that comes by revelation is deeper. Paul understood this quite well because he got to know Jesus not because anyone preached to him but through revelation. And so, he offered prayer for the church in Ephesus that God would grant them revelation.

We can do little in our time without the revelation of God. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of wisdom and revelation. if there is anytime we need Him more, it is now. There is a better way that is beyond knowledge of books in that your career that if made known to you by God, even your enemy will respect you. There is a creative way of going about your business that is not made know to anyone yet that if the Holy Spirit will reveal it ti you, you will become a person to reckon with in that line of business. As a student, with the power of revelation, you can pre-know what questions will come out in the examination. 

In this month of power for revelation, desire His revelation and pursue it rigorously through study of the scriptures and unceasing prayer.

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